Willingness is the act of doing something that you are not yet committed to fully. When someone is willing to do something, they must the courage and gumption to do it. They do it without taking long periods of time to analyze and over think the decision to do it. Willingness comes quickly when we are put on the spot by someone else to do something for them or others.

Many people find it challenging to be willing to do something for them themselves. Some of us put others before ourselves so it is a natural response to be willing to something for someone else that we are not willing to do for ourselves. We often forget that it is imperative to put on our won oxygen mask before we put one on our family member next to us on the airplane.

Willingness can sometimes being with it an eagerness to do something. On other occasions, it is quite the opposite and people hesitate and resist doing the thing in front of them.

All too often too many people are unwilling to change their circumstances for fear of the unknown or loss of their identify in their current situation. When people are willing to make changes, they are rewarded in some significant ways.

When people are willing to change things in their life that are causing them stress, anxiety and in some cases, depression; they are more likely to experience peace and calm. For some people, this may threaten their very identity.

Willingness can be a useful tool for any leader in any leadership role. There are always things that leaders would refer to not do and yet, their job requires them to do it. In these cases, it is important to be willing to do the thing that is required of the role. I am not talking about things that compromise an individual’s values or integrity.

Willingness to do your job as a leader can be the very thing that distinguishes you from other leaders. Being the leader who accepts their role and responsibilities seriously will make you stand out in the crowd.

When people are unwilling or hesitant to change, there are some sever consequences for them to experience. Staying in a bad situation can lead to higher stress levels and health issues like high blood pressure, strokes, or heart attacks. Prolonged exposure to highly stressful situations and environments have been proven to create those very health conditions for people.

There is something in the human psyche that keeps people stuck in an unhealthy situation for longer than is good for them. I have seen people relinquish their resistance and hesitation to their willingness to change and make a go of it.

When people willingly change the negative circumstances in their lives, they are more likely to bounce back and find an even better experience is possible. Willingness can take you from places that you thought you could never leave to places you never thought you could imagine. Leaders lead people by example and by modeling leadership character. When you have the courage, confidence and commitment to act in a willing way, you are on the path to your own greatness!!!

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