Leaders who know how to be intentional are more likely to achieve their goals. Being intentional is the simple act of being mindful when setting a goal or target. Intentions are strengthened by the details with which they are created. When an intention is clear and concise it is set up for a successful outcome. Leaders who embrace the concept of being intentional are setting in motion the dynamics needed to create successful results in their lives.

Intentions are most often written the present tense to assert that they are already accomplished. It is important to craft intention statements in such a way that all of the efforts are focused on the end results to be achieved. Intentions can also be expressed in a more personal way by creating a dream board for a personal goal or objective. Intentions will serve a leader in his or her professional and personal life.

Leaders who understand the value of being intentional also get the importance of being in the present moment. This is quite challenging for some as there is always something that is calling them to go to the future while they are manning the day to day workflows. The process of strategic thinking or planning is all about going into the future and requires a leader to balance the present with the future. The value of the intentional statement in a strategic plan is in its clarity and purpose.

Leaders who are deliberate in setting intentions are modeling the skills associated with planning for successful outcomes. Being deliberate requires the leader to ponder and wonder about the variables involved with the goal. Being mindful is a critical element of setting an intention that will come to fruition. The act of deliberately setting intentions will ensure it becoming a habit.

Intentions are designed to yield the goals that are clearly stated in them. When an intention statement has the specific goals to be achieved, it is more likely to hit the target. The intention statement is the start of the work to be done to get to the successful outcome. It requires attention and focus throughout the timeline established for achieving the goal.
Intentions are most successful when the leader commits to the goal outlined in the intentional statement. It is important for leaders to keep their focus on their intentional statements, it is also important that leaders keep individuals focused on the work needed to be successful in achieving a goal. This attention to the intention statement will ensure that the interim milestones are met along the way to the final results.