Support is an important part of leadership and business. Many leaders and business owners are looking for support in many forms from others. Support is central to the human condition, in which we all want to be a part of something with others and we want to know that we are not in things alone. We want to know that someone has our back in the challenging times and we want to know someone is there when we are ready to celebrate our triumphs and victories.

Support may be defined differently by each of us; however, I trust we can all agree on some common words in describing support. I am sharing these three words that I think will resonate with most of you.

Support is encouragement. Encouragement is most visible when someone shows you that they have confidence in your ability to get something done. Or to over come a challenge. It is also giving others the hope that they need to go on and bounce back from something that knocked them down. While hope is not a strategy, it certainly is a proven motivator in business. And encouragement is about sharing the other person’s  vision. When we see other’s vision for themselves or their business, we are in a better position to support them.

Commitment is another way in which we can show others our support for their work and business. When we are dedicated to others and their work and business, we are showing them that they are not in it alone. We also show them what it looks like to be focused on supporting others with our commitment to them. The alignment in commitment is essential for both parties to gain the most from the experience. Support is more powerful when commitment is present.

Support needs collaboration in order to be effective and successful. When both parties are in collaboration with each other, there is more creativity, respect, trust, acceptance and understanding. All of these characterize support. Collaboration is all about the teamwork and working together towards a shared goal or target. The synergy of collaborating guarantees a greater outcome. Support is is enhanced with collaboration.

The upside to support is we are not alone. We know that we are in this thing, whatever it might be, together. We are going to be supported in the areas that we are not strongest or most skilled. We can be supported by others who have complementary skills and competencies. When we support each other, we show that we care and want the best outcome for each other.

The lack of support can leave people feeling isolated, alone, frustrated, hopeless or depressed. These feelings can all be avoided by allowing others to support us. It may be challenging and difficult at first to accept the support; however, in time you will see the benefits of accepting the support from others. Those who reject support are more likely to find it harder than necessary to achieve their goals and targets. Support facilitates success.

The cornerstone of Seed and Lead’s Harvesting Profits System is support. Support for the individual and their business’ success. Additionally, the LEADERS!!! Leadership Development program was developed with support for the individual in mind. Support is an essential component of everything that Seed and Lead offers to its clients.

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