Think Bigger… Act, Believe and Celebrate!!!

Thinking Bigger is a way of getting clear about Ambitions, Goals and Intentions. Some say the sky is the limit when in reality there is no limit…repeating there is no limit to what you seek to Achieve.

Ambitions, Goals and Intentions are only limited in each person’s mind. If they can conceive it, they can achieve it. Opening to Thinking Bigger starts the process of going beyond what has already been conceived and achieved.

Acting is where the mighty leap forward. They are Focused, Consistent and Verb-Oriented. They know that staying Focused will keep them working on the actions that will lead to the achievements and results they are working towards. Consistency sets them apart from others who give up along the way to their successes. Being Verb-Oriented means they are leveraging language to support their pursuit of the Bigger Ambitions, Goals and Intentions.

Believing is more than faith in the unseen becoming the seen. It is a mindset that sets people up for successful outcomes. When they align their mindset with their vision of the outcomes associated with their Bigger Thinking, they are more likely to achieve them. The confidence that comes with a clear mindset and visualization, is one of the most powerful resources that people have access to in their pursuit of Thinking Bigger Ambitions, Goals and Intentions.

Celebrating the achievement of Bigger Thinking Ambitions, Goals and Intentions assures that individuals and teams have invested the time in recognizing not only the outcomes, but also the ways in which they were worked to create the successes. Rewarding people when they achieve Bigger Thinking Ambitions, Goals and Intentions supports their motivation to do it more in the future. The Lessons Learned gathered during the celebration are in valuable when it comes to the next iteration. Lastly, Celebrating must include self-care as an individual indulgent which may very well motivate new levels of engagement and contribution with future Thinking Bigger Ambitions, Goals and Intentions.

The Thinking Bigger model is at the core of every Leadership Coaching session and Business Consulting engagement that Seed and Lead provides to its clients. This iterative model serves to support leaders and entrepreneurs.

Leadership Coaching

My Leadership Coaching creates the opportunity for individuals and teams to develop and grow their leadership style. When coaching is focused on enhancing specific traits, skills, and competencies; the outcomes may be achieved successfully. When the Leadership Coaching process is followed, it demonstrates the courage, confidence, and commitment it takes to being an extraordinary leader.

  • Mentoring Leaders in One on One Meetings
  • Supporting Executive Development in on One on One Meetings
  • Building Leadership Teams

Business Consulting

My Business Consulting examines and analyzes processes with a focus on improving their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Business Process Consulting is made up of the tools that will always produce the required improvements. When Business Consulting changes have been implemented higher revenues, results, and profits may be achieved.

  • Driving Business Process Improvements
  • Providing Organizational Development Solutions
  • Delivering Leadership Development Training


My Speaking style is based on countless experiences throughout my 35 years in corporate leadership roles. During my talks, people can expect to be engaged by my energetic and enthusiastic approach to sharing my stories. When Speaking with others, I may connect with their minds and hearts.

  • Sharing His Thoughts on Leadership Traits
  • Motivating Others to Transform Their Lives
  • Telling His Story of Becoming a Global Leader