Results are very important to a business and are in fact the basis of whether or not a business makes it or not. The right results must be achieved in order for a business to exist and to expect to grow. Leaders must know any point in time how their business is running against the goals and targets that have been set forth in the strategic plan.

Results are called several things including outcomes, successes, and achievements. The important thing to remember no matter what they are called, is that they are the main reason a business exists.

Outcomes are the results that are achieved by first having a goal or target in mind. The strategic plan must outline the goals and targets clearly in order for any business to strive to meet or exceed them. Outcomes are the things that come at the end of the hard work. Many leaders use outcomes when referring to the product or deliverable associated with the goals and targets.

Successes are another way to refer results. This word has a positive connotation and many people think of winning when they think of this work for results. Successes are a great way to measure the achievement of the goals and targets. Successes are celebrated in many ways in an effort to bring about more of them in the future.

Achievements is another word that may be used when referring to results. It is about the goals and targets being completed or finished. This may be used with projects or short term work assignments. Achievements are the culmination of focused hard work.

In order to achieved results, the leaders must be focused and keep everyone else focused on the goals and targets. Without the focus, no one knows where they are going. If no one knows where thy are going, they could end up anywhere but meeting or exceeding the goals and targets. Focus is essential to creating results.

Another competency required to meet or exceed the goals and targets is drive. Leaders who drive for results are more likely to achieve them then those who take a more casual approach. Drive is the determination and dedication to achieving the goals and targets. It is both internal and external motivation that goes leads to going beyond what is required to hit the goals and targets in creating the results. Drive will get the results.

Empowerment is a critical tool when it comes to achieving results that leaders may or may not utilize. Empowerment guarantees that the work being done to achieve the results if being done by the most skills and competent people. Empowering people with the ability to meet or exceed the goals and targets, most often results in them doing exactly that in their jobs.

As a result of my extensive experience with achieving results in the corporate setting, I am able to work with any size business and give it the same attention, focus, and results. I developed the Seed and Lead Harvesting Profits System based on more than 35 years in leadership roles that were required me to improve the performance and results of the business. I am uniquely positioned to support businesses that are in chaos get out if it and  learn from their experience. Results are a part of a sustainable business model.