Leaders work very hard on a daily basis and keep very busy and hectic schedules. The pace at which some leaders work is beyond what is expected of them and yet they are driven to go these lengths to be successful. The energy and stamina required to keep this fast and furious pace also requires periods of rest and rejuvenation. A leader who has balance in his or her life will not have it the same way as others given each leader has a unique pace at which his or her work is completed and how they rest along the way. Rest is essential for the leader’s body, mind and spirit.

Rest is often overlooked when the leader has a very busy pace in his or fed life. Rest must be an intentional habit that allows individuals to stop what is in front of them and take time to quiet their minds. Meditation and prayer are just a couple of ways one can quiet the mind and open it to resting from all of the ideas and thoughts that come in on a daily basis. Allowing the thoughts to pass through the mind without blocking them will reuse the stress and worry factors. Thoughts have a life cycle just like other living things so they must have their birth, life and death. Thoughts that are blocked during their life can be stressful because they are trying to get through the cycle. Open the process and seek the peaceful mind.

Leaders wear there short sleep cycles as a badge of honor or a medal. They are proud of the attention they get from others when they share that they sleep only x hours a night. While each person’s body requires a different amount of sleep to be recharged, studies do suggest that a minimum number of hours of sleep a night is required for everyone. Those who sleep less hours without the resting effects will suffer in the workplace with issues like not being able to focus, being irritable or severe levels of fatigue. Leaders who are self-aware will be able to find the perfect sleep patterns to support them and there are a significant number of gadgets that will give all of the feedback needed to know the stats on one’s sleep patterns.

Rest for some leaders is synonymous with being lazy or not doing anything. This is true rest is a time when things do not get done. If you are always getting things done, there will come a time when there will be not energy to get them done. The body will give us the messages we need in ways that may be uncomfortable so we stop the ongoing pace of doing without the rest needed to rejuvenate. A leader who has found the balance in his or her life related to doing things and doing nothing is more likely to be successful for the long term.

Rest can be an easy thing to do at home or in a place that promotes it like a spa, a park, a hiking trail, a beach resort or mountain top. The point of rest is to be intentional about it and be certain that the aim of resting is to recharge and rejuvenate. This looks different for everyone and we each know it when we are resting. It looks and feels different from the chaotic pace many of us keep daily.

Leaders who give importance to their own rest are modeling the behavior for others. Giving others the guidance on resting is gift that will support them in their professional and personal lives. In the work place, breaks a means of resting during the hectic day. It is also important to schedule and take time away from work regularly, you will know what is best for you and your life circumstances. When was the last time you rested during the day or during the week and it made a difference in what you returned to after the rest?!!!