Goals are a very important part of business. They are also known as targets or objectives and achieving them is a high priority for companies. Some companies invest a massive amount many each year to develop a plan to meet their goals, targets, and objectives. Pursuing successful outcomes with company’s goals is embedded in their culture.

The best goals for any company are in alignment from the front line employee up to the president. This means that every role in the company has a clear set go goals that are working towards the way the company defines success. It could be that the company bases it success on revenue generated, profits earned, time and resources donated, or under served people being impacted. No matter what the company defines as its success, they all have in common the need to be in alignment throughout the organization in order to achieve it.

Goals are typically tangible and must include some numbers that can be measured. The exception to this would be the competencies some companies measure on how their work force get things done. We will focus on the tangibles in this article. The numbers must have a baseline or starting point from which all future results can me evaluated and analyzed. The goals must be greater than the baseline to ensure growth.

Many business people have goal setting and achievement in their DNA. This is dependent on how long they have been involved in the annual process of developing the strategic plan and role they were in. Every proficient leader knows the plan must include goals for it to be effective for the company’s ongoing success. People can come hard wired for goal setting and planning or they can be taught the discipline and process over time. In either case, they are equally qualified to achieve successful outcomes for their goals.

I have worked at companies with more than 250K employees in 50 countries, with more than 50K across the USA, and less than 100 employees in 4 countries and the thing that they all had in common was their adherence to the strategic planning process each year that established their goals and objectives. The principle is intended to support any size company as they focus and strive to achieve their annual goals and objectives.

Companies develop their reputation on how well they do with achieving their goals and objectives. This is true for both the publicly traded and privately held companies. With this in mind my new company has the benefit of the years of experience I gained while working with companies each year on their strategic plan and goals setting. This means my small company with just me and a team of 7 expert coaches and consultants has the advantage of setting in motion the process and principles for being successful with achieving goals of any size.

Something that is new to me, which is why I am surrounding myself with some of the best of the best coaches, consultants, and strategists, is social media marketing. As a result of working with these experts, I learned that I could create a YouTube channel and build a community interested in watching my videos. What came with that learning was the awareness that when my YouTube channel had 100 subscribers and met some other criteria, I would have the vanity YouTube URL with the name of my company included in it. This would make it easier for people to find me directly and facilitate more subscribers. I set out to campaign for more subscribers on my other social media platforms and I am thrilled to report that in less than 60 days I was able to each 114 subscribers.

I was eager for my URL to turn to my company name and looked for it to show up for a couple of days. I then realized that I could reach out and learn the process for it. I found it on the YouTube help page and followed the guidance to turn the URL into my personal vanity address. I set one goal related to my YouTube channel and achieved it and learned even more in the process.

I look forward to sharing my goal setting expertise and best practices with you and your business as we create successes for you and your company.