Collaboration is good old fashioned working together. This is something that sets companies apart when it is a part of its culture. Modeling what it takes to work collaboratively is a key leadership role. Collaboration is just one way for people to get things done within companies. It is the synergy of working collaboratively that creates the best outcomes. It seems strange to me in this day and age that we have to model collaboration for those who have not been given the opportunities and experiences to work together. 

Teamwork and collaboration are essential ways to get things done in companies and leaders are in the perfect roles to model and drive these approaches. Working together as with team work must be modeled along with taking the time to teach the norms. People must understand what is expected of them in order to be successful with it. 

Collaboration is simple and does not require complication. When two or more people work together, they will benefit from utilizing the hiding principles of collaboration. It is essential to not assume people just know how to do this. It is better to show them the corporate values and principles that guide all performance and behaviors in an an organization. 

When young people are given the opportunity and experience to play sports, they are more likely to understand how to work collaboratively. They learn the essentials of working with others by playing the sports games. They are coached to understand the keys to being successful when working together. 

As I continue to write those blogs I look forward to others adding relevant comments and thoughts about the topics. I think it is important for leaders to engage in conversations whether they are real face to face or virtual through blogs or social media posts. The important part is for leaders to reflect often and learn ab lot from their reflections. 

Collaboration is another topic that could be a great reflective topic for an individual or for a team of leaders. Talking about collaboration as a reflection topic is a great way to learn for yourself and with other leaders. Collaboration requires conversations in order to be most effective. 

I invite you to find ways to collaborate in your leadership role, and then to reflect on it and share your insights, thoughts, and ideas with us in the comments below. I think we all benefit from each of us sharing our reflections on any number of topics. We can all learn from each other and reflections are a great way to make that happen.