All businesses will find themselves in chaos at one time or another. Chaos is the absence of order, efficiencies, standardized structures and processes, and skilled leadership. This may be hard to hear and yet the first step in solving the problem to see it with facts and information versus emotions and feelings. Accepting the chaos as a natural part of growing and scaling a business makes it less intimidating.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are overwhelmed by chaos and find it very confusing. This is not a judgement, it merely points out that many people who own and run their own business have not had much if any proven business principles in a corporate setting. Corporations are a great place to learn about how to address and resolve chaos. For those who do not have that experience, it can be found by bringing others in to support the business through the process of making order our of chaos.

The chaos that the business is experiencing should be an urgent and important matter for several reasons. First, the costs of running a business in chaos are always higher and secondly the impact on the customers could lead to losing them for the short term or all together. Additionally, there is an impact on the people who work for the company as they become increasingly more confused and frustrated by the chaos that may choose to leave. They take with them their knowledge and skills, which means the new people who are hired with have to go through expensive training to get to the basics of doing the job.

The duplications and confusion in completing the company’s standard processes are very costly. When people do the same thing over and over again it adds costs and when they do more than is required to complete the process, they add costs. All Processes can be made efficient and streamlined with the proper skills, focus, and follow though. When companies do not have this skill set within their business, it is in their best interest to invest in it and let the ROI become real.

I was fortunate enough to work for some well established companies that had chaos and trusted me to turn it around. I was trained early on in my career to understand the process for taking chaos and smoothing it out. I learned the ways to hit it head on and make a difference. I was trained by some of the best consultants during my career to develop the plans for improving the situations and leaving them better than when I found them.

As a result of my extensive experience with turnarounds in the corporate setting, I am able to work with any size business and give it the same attention, focus, and results. I developed the Seed and Lead Harvesting Profits System based on more than 35 years in leadership roles that were required me to improve the performance and results of the business. I am uniquely positioned to support businesses that are in chaos get out if it and  learn from their experience. Chaos leads to order with the right support!!!