Phil is an experienced and enthusiastic Business Transformation Consultant with extensive expertise in:

  • Coaching Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Consulting on Business Process Improvements
  • Facilitating Strategic and Team Meetings

Phil’s career spanned more than 35 years working with companies that ranged from a small family-owned business to some of the largest corporations in the USA and World. He worked with 7 companies in 2 industries on 2 continents with most of those companies included on the Fortune 100 List.

Phil developed his passion for leadership development and business process improvement throughout his career while working in the healthcare industry with some of the largest US Health Carriers. He worked in a significant number of regional and home offices during his tenure which exposed him to a multitude of leadership styles and cultures. He worked with The Prudential, Aetna, Humana, CIGNA and The Hartford for about 25 years of his career.

Phil left the Health Care industry to take on a Leadership Development role with Accenture, a Global Firm. His scope included supporting leaders who were building and expanding their skills and competencies. The leaders were first-time supervisors through to the executive levels in the offices in San Antonio, Texas; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Curitiba and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Phil was given several opportunities to work globally while in this role which included assignments in Europe, South America, and India.

Phil went on to work in the manufacturing industry for a little more than 7 years, which gave him an opportunity to learn about a 2nd industry.His approach to Business Process Improvement resulted in a significant number of operational efficiencies. During his tenure, his role and scope expanded and he traveled extensively in the U.K, China, and Mexico representing the company in meetings on sales, operations, quality, processes and vendor relations. .

Phil developed Seed and Lead in 2017 with every intention of supporting companies as they grow stronger by disrupting the traditional leadership models. His drive for working with companies that want to elevate their leadership model is matched by his energy and enthusiasm.

Phil brings his experience and expertise that he gained throughout his 35 year career to each engagement with his clients. He gives his full attention and focus to supporting his clients achieve their goals and intentions.

Phil strives to leave each client he works with stronger and more confident and each business more efficient and profitable.

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My greatest career achievements have been in serving and supporting others in finding their achievements and successes.