Leadership has many components and responsibilities to it. Most leaders know that planning is essential the success of their organizations as well as their associates and direct reports. With planning time, comes a lot of focus, discipline and follow through to be most successful.

Leaders have 3 key accountabilities when it comes to supporting their organization and others in the planning process. First if they must Model the most appropriate behaviors during the planning process. Secondly, leaders have a responsibility to Mentor others during the planning process. Lastly, leaders are expected to support their organization and colleagues by Monitoring the planning process through to implementation and evaluation.

While leaders will approach each of these three key accountabilities in their unique way, it is clear that leaders that subscribe this model are more likely to create successful outcomes for their organizations and colleagues.

Modeling requires a leader to have had experience with a planning process and some proven successes. The idea is for the leader to model the best practices that they have picked up from their experiences with a planning process. In doing so, they must remain open to receiving feedback that will make the process even better than before. Modeling takes patience and an open mind on the part of the leader and the colleagues.

Mentoring is all about supporting and guiding others as they gain skills, competencies and knowledge about the planning process. leader is the best position to influence others with their deep understanding of the planning process. Transferring knowledge as mentoring leader requires a serving mindset and a passion for developing others.

Monitoring is where it all comes together or not. When leaders follow through on the planning process and the plan that was developed they are modeling the behaviors needed to successfully complete the plan. All too often, plans are developed during the planning process and then put on the shelf. Whether this is for the leader’s organization or the colleagues, in either case it is a massive investment with no return. Putting in place the monitoring systems to ensure that the plan is implemented and monitored along the way is how successful leaders achieve the best outcomes.

Leaders know the value of planning and will enhance the process by adding these 3 accountabilities to their leadership model. They are ashy to implement for any leader at any level in business. They can be applied to a strategic plan for an entire organization or they can be applied to individual developmental plans. They will drive more successful outcomes, and I invite you to test it for yourself.

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