Coaching is one of the ways High Performing Organizations differentiate themselves from others in their industry. As a result of partnering with an experienced coach; individuals and organizations are in a better position to develop stronger leaders, improve processes and increase profits. Organizations that work with coaches are better equipped to adapt to the changes that are inherent in every industry. Leaders have an accountability for delivering successful outcomes and must be educated, equipped and empowered to achieve them consistently. Companies looking for a high return on expectations as well as value, will achieve more success when working with skilled and competent coaches.


Consulting allows organizations to access more successful strategies and tactical best practices. Organizations that focus on streamlined and more efficient processes, are more likely to be High Performing Organizations. The costs associated with processes are reduced when a consultant collaborates with the organization's Subject Matter Experts to develop the new ways of getting work done for both their internal stakeholders and customers. The ROI for the coaching investment is achieved when the costs associated with the processes are reduced by eliminating the unnecessary steps and aligning the roles and responsibilities more clearly.

Think Bigger…Act, Believe and Celebrate!!!

Phil is an experienced and energetic global leader with expertise in leadership development coaching and business process improvement consulting.

Phil's corporate career spanned more than 35 years working with 7 companies, in 2 industries on 4 continents. 5 of the companies Phil worked with are ranked in the Fortune 100 list.

Phil brings his experience, expertise and best practices to each engagement with his clients.

As a result of his passion for learning and sharing his knowledge with others; he is a powerful and proficient coach and mentor, who is highly sought after by leaders and business owners.

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Phil's Positive Points

Leadership takes Courage, Confidence and Commitment. The Courage to do things that you have not done before; the Confidence to know that when you do those things that you will either win or learn, and the Commitment to take action and follow through on those things to make sure they are completed successfully.

3 Pillars that Support Business Transformations

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"The test of a good coach is when they leave, others will carry on successfully." -Author Unknown   The best self-care practices include setting Intentions, Reflecting…

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